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One of the biggest challenges we have today is getting control of our personal and professional lives. The pressures of our life style, financial crises, ambiguity of the future, and working more with less impacts our lives and throws us out of our control. We are not as productive as we can be working under conditions of fear, competitiveness, busyness and the speed of change. This book suggests reflection, methods, models and exercises that allow us to get back in control; BUT we must slow down to do it.

We live a more successful life and career if we do not separate these but plan our work and life together.  Being the same person at home and at work is not only the way to be authentic but also impacts your family, coworkers and the work you do in a powerful way.  It’s healthy to slow down in order to understand both sides of our life.  Then, intentionally plan both, life and work, for the next chapter of our life.


We can get back into controlling what we can control by slowing down, planning for the next chapter of our life, making necessary changes in ourselves and executing our plan with passion, control and confidence.  Be More Productive—Slow Down provides practical questions and exercises to help anyone focus on what is most important and be more productive in their personal and professional life.  This is not a fast read. As you get control of your life, it requires thoughtful reflection and written plans to create and live a productive, meaningful and satisfying life.

My purpose is to inspire readers to take actions that move them ahead to success as they define it.  It’s about taking actions that are focused on their desired outcomes.  It’s about getting uncomfortable to confront things that are barriers to going where they want to go.  It’s about making the best possible choices for themselves and their family.  They must slow down to:

Reflect on who they are and the reality of the environment in which they live and work

Create a plan for the next cycle of life, not for the rest of their life

Understand what they can and cannot control and build a plan around what they can control

Utilize models that provide guidance and understanding

See the dangers of how they are currently living and working

Ask themselves and others uncomfortable questions that produce appropriate actions

Be More Productive—Slow Down presents a helpful process for making good choices that lead you to living successfully in the ways that you design.

- Bud Roth

1 1/2 minute interview of Bud Roth as he describes his book and coaching philosophy by Elizabeth MacDonald of The Verbal Edge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7St7-QsB3vc

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Part I: Living Life Out of Control
1. The Fast-Changing World: Living Without Purpose
Realizing the personal impact of being lost, misguided, and overcommitted
2. Static Survival: Living Without Growth
Just surviving and stuck, or thriving and growing?

Part II: Regaining Control
3. Models for Managing Change
Using or creating a model for insight and guidance
4. The Life Control Model: What You Can Control and What You Can’t
Understanding that more is in your control than you think
5. Slow Down to be More Productive
Shifting from busyness to productive work
6. Slow Down for Your Well-Being
Taking care of yourself first, then family, and then business

Part III: Planning Purpose and Action
7. Rediscover Who You Are
Balancing values, beliefs, and talents with your brain, heart, and intuition
8. How to Plan
Planning a chapter of your life with purpose and actions

Part IV: Maintaining Purpose and Progress
9. Stick to Your Plan
Visualizing your goals; executing your plans; focusing on your priorities
10. Reassess Your Plan
Change happens: Realigning intellect, emotions, and intuition
11. Maintain Your Joy
Navigating safely through the storms to reach your many destinations to find joy in your life