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There are times when we get a chance to give some advice to CEOs and professional football coaches. Surprisingly, a sports reporter who was preparing an article to give advice to Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts head coach, and Ryan Grigson, President and CEO of the Colts, interviewed me the other day. It was a kick (no pun intended!) and it was nice to be asked. I guess my reputation in the Indianapolis area is good.

Here’s a subset of the Indy Star article…

Pagano and Grigson: Expert advice for an arranged marriage

Dana Hunsinger Benbow, Indy Star, January 6, 2016

…Pagano and Grigson need to hear all of that from someone, from a third party with no skin in the game, said Bud Roth, a certified executive coach and owner of Roth Consulting Group in Carmel.


The Indianapolis Colts announce that head coach Chuck Pagano will return as he signs a contract extension with the team. Here Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay,middle, his head coach Chuck Pagano,right, and Colts GM Ryan Grigson,left, pose for a group photo following their press conference. (Photo: Matt Kryger/The Star)

If Roth had the two men sitting in front of him, he knows exactly what he would do: what he does with all the leaders he’s worked with over the years, from Fortune 500 execs to middle managers to business owners.

“I would ask them a lot of questions,” he said. “How would you like things to work? Get a picture of how you would like to operate effectively. There needs to be some agreement and it’s not a five-minute conversation.”

It could take daily sessions in the beginning. Then weekly talks.

Pagano needs to hear where Grigson is coming from and what he wants. Grigson needs to hear the same from Pagano.

That would build trust into the relationship and force communication, exactly what a marriage on the rocks needs.

And then, perhaps the hardest part. Acknowledging the fact that the two are not the same person and never will be, Roth said. That their styles are different and that’s OK.

Read the full Indy Star story here.


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