Life Control Model

The metaphor of the sailboat and the wind is meant to illustrate what is out of our control, what is in our control and the person we are determines the choices we make.  The model also provides insights as to how we respond to the changes and situations we face throughout our daily life.


The model is divided into 4 sections:
•    External forces that are out of our control; the wind.
•    Responsibilities and Personal behaviors that are in our control; the jib and main sails.
•    The mast is the Internal strength within us that is imbedded in the boat hull that represents who we really are.
•    The Choices we make are represented by the tiller that leads to the rudder or our Responses.


The Life model is developed to show us that we have more in our control than we think we do.  Too often we feel out of control of our own lives in this fast-changing world we live in.  We may feel that we can’t make good choices for ourselves because of the situation we are in.  The Life Model allows us to see the many choices we can make in order to take control or regain control of our life based on the real person we are.  We have gifts and strengths that we can use that can accelerate achieving our goals and dreams.  We need to be aware of these strengths, activate them and make the best choices for moving ahead.

We hope that this model helps direct you to taking actions that lead to a life that’s in your control and fulfills your purpose and goals.

External—“Out of my control”—The Wind at your sail.
Political environment                    Wealth
Economic conditions                      Parents
Company culture                             Friends
Company/Competitive Risks        Aging

The above areas are out of our control for most of us.  These elements are represented by the wind and our sails engaging the wind.  We must adjust to uncontrollable conditions or suffer the consequences on our journey.


Internal—“Within my control”—The Jib and the Main Sails.

Family            Saving
Work               Risk/Security
Health             Recreation
Wealth            Communicating
Spending        Housing—Environment

Love                 Commitments            Receiving
Mission            Resistance                  Development
Behaviors        Giving                          Relationships Exploring/Seeking

The elements above are in our control.  We must manage them well to adjust to the uncontrollable elements that we encounter.  We manage the sails to take advantage or adjust to the weather conditions.  We must be alert to the need to change or take actions with the elements in our control.  The Jib is our responsibilities that are in our control.  The Main sail are personal elements of how we respond to growth, opportunities and behaviors that influence our abilities to manage our responsibilities.


Internal— The Hull— “Who You are”— “Your Vision, Your Purpose and What you stand for.”
Values         Expression
Fun              Life’s Meaning
Growth        Community
Success        Contribution

The concepts above are the essence of who you really are.  These are what embody you as a person.  These are your authenticities, why you exist and how you “show up”.  This is the stable platform from which you initiate actions and how you respond to the challenges you face or opportunities you make for yourself.


The Keel—“Values”
Your values keep you stable and prevent you from capsizing.  You can count on your values as the most stable elements in your life.  Values can change, but infrequently during a life time.


The Tiller—“Choices”
Your hand is always on the tiller.  Using the tiller along with managing the sails will determine just how well you navigate through the conditions and opportunities you face.  We make choices about the actions we take and how we respond every hour of the day and throughout our journey.

We all have choices to make about actions within our control.  We all need to recognize the possibilities by taking control of our life and taking actions based on who we are and how we respond.  Make it happen!


The Anchor—“Values”
Your values can be use to prevent you from drifting (drop your anchor).  Your values are your solid ground for your protection and knowing what’s right or wrong for you.

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