Planning Your Life and Career

Family is usually the most important element of our life. Work frequently comes second. All of us may have different parts of our life that are more important than others.  Life is driven by the people and things we love or love to do. Love is really a universal value that everyone can understand and embrace.  I’ve ask many of my friends and colleagues what they thought was a value that anyone in the world can hold dear to them.  The only value that seems to be accepted is LOVE.  We need it receive it, and we need to give it.  One of my colleagues thought that everyone may support and embrace justice as a universal value, but only a couple others thought that justice was universal.

Love for family and others is fundamental to how we want to plan our life. The other element we need to consider is our spiritual life and how we integrate this into being a whole person.  As mentioned previously, you can deny the importance of spirituality in your life, but you must confront the question surrounding it in your life.  We must also ask ourselves how spirituality impacts or will impact our children now and in their future.

Let’s explore some methods of planning our next chapter of our life by starting with what we want for our family and yourself.  Let me ask you some more questions about what you want in the next 3 to 5 years. Jot down your answers below ore on a separate note pad that you will keep.


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