The Best Alternative to Performance Appraisals

Why waste resources?

The best alternative to performance reviews is to create a coaching culture. Why waste resources developing processes that only touch the surface of what we really want from everyone in the organization? A coaching culture will create a productive environment where employees will take initiative to independently do whatever it takes for the organization to meet the goals and realize the mission.


What is the proven ROI of building a coaching culture?

•  Higher level of engagement
•  Improved morale
•  Improved customer service
•  Increased productivity
•  Lower voluntary turnover
•  Increased profitability and/or achieving the mission


How do we create a coaching culture?

•  Assess your readiness to create a coaching culture
•  Get the support of top leaders
•  Make the coaching culture strategic
•  Collect the necessary resources
•  Train coaching skills to leaders at all levels
•  Integrate coaching into other organizational systems
•  Follow up, reinforce and measure the progress


What are other organizations doing?

Organizations are eliminating performance reviews, stopping rating employees or are thinking about a better way to manage performance. Many HR departments are redesigning alternative processes to provide development feedback with more frequency: frequent conversations with direct reports, quarterly meetings with everyone, training needs to get managers to have effective conversations, etc. These procedures take a great deal of effort but only touch the surface for managing performance. These shallow processes to get managers to provide frequent feedback won’t get us the behavior changes and the results we want.


Where do I find experienced help to plan, prepare and execute a culture shift?

Reach out to Roth Consulting Group…        317-201-9900

P.S. Don’t waste precious resources to fiddle with shallow processes to eliminate performance reviews. A coaching culture achieves much more for your organization!


About Bud Roth

Bud is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Roth Consulting Group LLC focuses on team and executive coaching, organizational renewal, expatriate support, and improving leadership performance. Bud's recently published book, Be More Productive – Slow Down, suggests methods of reflection and actions that guide us to regain control of our busy life and reduce stress by slowing down.

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